The Outside of a Horse e-book

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  • Book: The Outside of a Horse
  • Author: Ginny Rorby
  • Number of pages: 352
  • E-book file-sizes: 4.22 – 14.52 Mb

“Hannah Gale starts volunteering at a horse stable because she needs a place to escape. Her father has returned from the Iraq war as an amputee with posttraumatic stress disorder, and his nightmares rock the household. At the stable, Hannah comes to love Jack, Super Dee, and Indy; helps bring a rescued mare back from the brink; and witnesses the birth of the filly who steals her heart. Hannah learns more than she ever imagined about horse training, abuse, and rescues, as well as her own capacity for hope. Physical therapy with horses could be the answer to her fatherOs prayers, if only she can get him to try.”

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