The Magical Ms. Plum ebook downloads

The Magical Ms. Plum book downloads

  • Book: The Magical Ms. Plum
  • Author: Bonny Becker, Amy Portnoy
  • Number of pages: 112
  • E-book file-sizes: 1.34 – 4.61 Mb

Ms. Plum is the magical teacher every schoolkid wishes for!Everybody wants to be in Ms. Plum’s class. It’s not just that she teaches the usual things in unusual ways. There’s something more, something about Ms. Plum herself—and her mysterious supply closet. Whenever she asks her students to get her an eraser or a pencil or some paper clips, they come back with something . . . unusual. Who’d have thought a pinky-sized alligator, a big-mouth parrot, or a tiny wolf could teach kids a thing or two about life?Each year, Ms. Plum is certain she’s had her best class ever. And it looks like this year . . . she’s right!Relatable behavioral and personality issues are poked gently with empathy and humor in this fun, warmhearted chapter book.

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