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  • Book: The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing
  • Author: Eva Lambert
  • Number of pages: 144
  • E-book file-sizes: 1.73 – 5.95 Mb

Exploring natural and foolproof dyeing techniques—to coincide with the high demand for organic and rustic approaches to fiber arts—this colorful guide expertly utilizes the many modern and traditional methods intrinsic to creating beautiful fibers. Demonstrating that the use of natural dyes to create fabric, yarn, or fiber can be simple, eco-friendly, and surprisingly affordable, this thoughtful instructional is ideal for quilters looking to give their projects an edge, spinners searching for an eco twist, and knitters on a quest for that perfect color of yarn—all of whom will learn how different natural dyes will affect the colors obtained on various mediums and how to mix dye baths for unique results. Including comprehensive lists for measuring, weighing, and dyeing; step-by-step sequences to simply and concisely explain techniques for collecting and preparing dyestuff; and methods for both solid and semisolid dyeing, this quintessential dyeing manual provides novices and seasoned artists alike with plenty of thoughtful inspiration to get creative the natural way.

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