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  • Book: Rise
  • Author: Yosef Gotlieb
  • Number of pages: 386
  • E-book file-sizes: 4.63 – 15.93 Mb

Rise is the story of Lilah Kedem, an internationally known photo essayist who returns to Israel after three decades living and working abroad. She seeks to reconcile with her estranged husband, Prof. Naftali Kedem, an opposition leader, and their son, Ido, an officer in an elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Shortly after Lilah’s return she and her family fall victim to both Jewish and Palestinian terror. Lilah resolves to join the search for the elusive extremists – through the lens of her camera. She also becomes involved in a citizen’s movement seeking to extricate the society from the perilous course it has been set on. Lilah’s trajectory crosses that of Eli Zedek, a veteran of Israel’s security services, who has been assigned to track down the shadowy perpetrators of the brazen attacks. What he finally encounters shakes him, Lilah and their society, a society that emerges stronger and renewed as a result of what it has endured. Set in today’s Israel, Rise is a compelling and inspiring read for anyone concerned about Israel’s future and soul.

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