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  • Book: Merribell: A Comforting Story
  • Number of pages: 172
  • E-book file-sizes: 2.06 – 7.09 Mb

A story for girls who love to read, and would like to experience the love that this book gives. Merribell was a lively, beautiful orphan girl whose life was changed after she was adopted, and finally found the real reason why she was chosen out of so many girls, especially being eight years old. Why her? Catherine Foster, the one who would adopt Merribell, was raised in a very wealthy home as an only child. She was very selfish and self-centered, probably because she received very little love from her parents. What made her later, want to adopt this particular orphan girl that would make such a drastic change in her future? She had experienced much sadness and tragedy in her life. Would this adoption be the start of a completely new and better life for Catherine Foster? And you’ll also meet Mattie, Merribell’s best friend, and how she became a part of Merribell’s life as well. I know you’ll enjoy the sweet love this book will put into your heart.

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