Ghost (Paladin of Shadows, Book 1) ebook

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  • Book: Ghost (Paladin of Shadows, Book 1)
  • Author: John Ringo
  • Number of pages: 416
  • E-book file-sizes: 4.99 – 17.17 Mb

“Former SEAL Michael Harmon, Team Name “”Ghost””, retired for service injuries, is not enjoying college life. But things are about to change, if not for the better. When he sees a kidnapping a series of, at the time logical, decisions leave him shot to ribbons and battling a battalion of Syrian commandos with only the help of three naked co-eds who answer to the names “”Bambi,”” “”Thumper”” and “”Cotton Tail.”” A fast-paced, highly-sexual, military-action thriller that ranges from a poison facory in the Mideast to the Florida Keys to Siberia, the novel will keep you guessing what twisted fate will bring next for the man once known as . . . Ghost. Keep an eye on him or . . . poof, he’ll be gone.”

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