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  • Book: The Role of Compassion In Servant Leadership
  • Author: Brandon Foor
  • Number of pages: 204
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This book uses a doctoral, academic-based, research study to examine the relationship of compassion and servant leadership to 21st Century management styles. This investigation of the extent compassion plays a vital role in the servant leadership model. The study was developed to explore this research question: “What is the role and importance of compassion in servant leadership?” The author used a qualitative research approach to analyze interview responses from 12 industry leaders regarding the concept of compassion and its role in servant leadership. Emergent themes suggested that compassion indeed plays a role in servant leadership through teaching by example, improving the well-being of others, and building positive relationships between companies and employees. The author’s goal for this publication is to share this research that was the basis of his doctoral dissertation research and to reach out to the business community to find others with the same research interest. Further study can be conducted in standardization of compassion in the workplace, and explorations of how compassion as a behavior in servant leadership improves employee morale and possibly retention. This publication is the first of two, the first being the baseline research study, and the second being the results of ‘what to do’ – how business leaders today can start becoming a compassionate leader in a business community, based on the concept of being a ‘compassionate leader’ or a ‘servant leader’ in industry and business. The author urges the reader to follow his business page, contact him from further consulting on how to become a servant leader, as well as engage him for speaking engagements. Dr. Foor can consult with your executives and middle management teams on servant leadership for higher company morale, productivity, retention, and business profits. To be considered for further research as an interviewee, contact the author by emailing him at: or visit his website at: Key Search Terms, Words, Phrases: added-value, attitudes, Behavior leadership, blue-collar workers, Buddhism, business model, business owners, business process, Change, collectivism, Community, compassionate leadership, cultural dimensions, cultural hero, culture, Dalai Lama, differential selection, dignity, Director of Operations, diversity, eastern culture, Emergent Design, empathy, entrepreneur, ethics, experimental mortality, give and take, global growth, goals, Grounded Theory, group dynamics, happiness, helpfulness, humane, humanistic model, humanity, individualism, influence , innovation, interconnection, intercultural, judgment, Leadership Culture, leadership development, leadership style, low uncertainty, Moral reasoning, morale, morals, organizational leadership, participation, participative leader, perception, performance, personalization, persuasion, political context, principles, Qualitative Inquiry, Re-engineering, self-effacing, self-worth, servant leadership, service , social classes, social context, social justice, social media, spirituality, stage-gate, stereotypes, stewardship, structure, supportive leader, teaching by example, team growth, tough love, transformational leadership, transformative leadership, triangulation, trust, validation, vision

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