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  • Book: Strumpet City
  • Author: James Plunkett
  • Number of pages: 560
  • E-book file-sizes: 6.72 – 23.12 Mb

Set in Dublin during the Lockout of 1913, Strumpet City is a panoramic novel of city life. It embraces a wide range of social milieux, from the miseries of the tenements to the cultivated, bourgeois Bradshaws. It introduces a memorable cast of characters: the main protagonist, Fitz, a model of the hard-working, loyal and abused trade unionist; the isolated, well-meaning and ineffectual Fr O’Connor; the wretched and destitute Rashers Tierney. In the background hovers the enormous shadow of Jim Larkin, Plunkett’s real-life hero. Strumpet City’s popularity derives from its realism and its naturalistic presentation of traumatic historical events. There are clear heroes and villains. The book is informed by a sense of moral outrage at the treatment of the locked-out trade unionists, the indifference and evasion of the city’s clergy and middle class and the squalor and degradation of the tenement slums.

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