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  • Book: Hurrah’s Nest: Memoirs of a Money Trader
  • Author: Barbara Kennedy
  • Number of pages: 260
  • E-book file-sizes: 3.12 – 10.73 Mb

These are the go-go years, and money is plentiful-custom-made designer clothes, champagne cocktails at Windows on the World, limousines lined up in front of the trendiest restaurants, and private clubs along Park Avenue. It’s a decade of fast cars, fast talkers, and fast markets. And then the music stops. Billions of dollars disappear, and the Vatican Bank chairman, Roberto Calvi, is found “suicided” under the Blackfriars Bridge in London in 1982. At the time, Meg is an aspiring actress, married to Dick, a struggling director-but what she really wants is to be married to a rich man and to write screenplays. Becky is an aspiring journalist living on an estate on Long Island, married to Kevin, a wealthy money market broker. She craves fame, love, and the limelight. Alex is a middle-aged playboy, an entrepreneur who drives a Porsche and fantasizes about both women, toying with them-but still refusing to leave his second wife, Ginger. Meg, Becky, and Alex never suspect what their meeting means and where they will ultimately end up. A novel of money, love, sex, betrayal, international scandal, embezzlement, and murder, Hurrah’s Nest shows the profound and deadly effects of deception.

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