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  • Book: Antibiotic Essentials 2013
  • Author: Burke A. Cunha
  • Number of pages: 778
  • E-book file-sizes: 9.34 – 32.13 Mb

Completely revised and updated for 2013 and now in its twelfth edition, Antibiotic Essentials 2013 is a leading antimicrobial/infectious disease pocket guide for clinicians. The book’s contributors are leading world experts in their fields from various distinguished institutions. Practical, concise and authoritative, Antibiotic Essentials is not just a bug – drug pocket guide, it is also a mini-ID book, discussing diagnosis and therapy of infectious diseases – including clinical presentations, diagnostic considerations, diagnostic pitfalls, and therapeutic considerations. This new edition contains updated drug summaries and an expanded differential diagnosis section. Also included are extensively revised clinical sections along with traditional and the latest therapeutic approaches.

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